PowerSignage — Create Digital Signage using PowerPoint and Low-cost PC Sticks

PowerSignage™ is a cost-effective way to present products and services, increase sales and promote your brand using digital signage. It is ideal for health care, retail outlets, banks, hotels and food chains. Any business with walk-in customers.

PowerSignage is a cloud-based digital signage service. You pay a small subscription fee for each TV point. Use PowerSignage to create menu boards, interactive kiosks, lobby and retail displays using Microsoft® PowerPoint® and low-cost PC sticks.

PowerPoint is the ideal tool for creating cost-effective digital signage. Leverage PowerPoint’s layout designer, page transitions, animation effects and overall ease of use. Combine high definition graphic images and video to create stunning multimedia digital signage. Use widely available PowerPoint digital signage templates to create high-impact display presentations.

Examples of digital signage created with Microsoft PowerPoint

Using Low-cost PC Sticks for Digital Signage

A  PC stick is small pocket-sized Windows® device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. Due to their compact size and very low cost (starting at $89.99) PC sticks are ideal for digital signage applications.

Simply install our PowerPlayer™ client software on any compatible Windows PC stick. PowerPlayer transforms your PC stick into a media player capable of displaying digital signage presentations on any TV.


Most importantly, no digital signage solution is complete without content management. PowerSignage provides a hosted content management server (CMS) with cloud storage. Use our CMS to upload, store and manage your digital signage.

PowerSignage features:

Create digital signage using Microsoft PowerPoint
Leverages widely available PowerPoint digital signage templates
Works with low-cost, off-the-shelf PC sticks
Converts PC stick into digital signage media player
Hosted digital signage content management service
Cloud storage for signage content, no PC server required
Create digital signage display schedules
Supports digital signage at multiple locations
Supports landscape or portrait display, up to 4K UHD resolution
Supports native PowerPoint, HTML (live web) and image files
PowerSignage2Go™—outsourced digital signage content creation


With PowerSignage you pay a small subscription fee for each signage TV point. A subscription entitles you to a hosted content management server (CMS) with cloud storage for your digital signage and our PowerPlayer software for PC sticks.

For each TV point you separately purchase a Windows PC stick and install our PowerPlayer software. PC sticks are available from stores and online retailers like Amazon, starting from $89.99.

Content Management Service

Most noteworthy is our full featured CMS. Use it to upload signage presentations, create display schedules and manage TV points. Each customer is assigned a CMS for their private use.

The customer CMS runs on a dedicated virtual private server–hosted at our secure data center. There is no PC server to purchase, setup or maintain. You only pay a small subscription fee for each TV point.

Transform Any TV Into Digital Signage

Install our PowerPlayer client software on a Windows PC stick and plug it into your TV’s HDMI port. PowerPlayer automatically downloads digital signage from the CMS and displays it on your TV.

PowerPlayer software supports PowerPoint files, HTML and a wide variety image file formats. Downloaded files are stored in local flash memory, supporting digital signage display even if Internet connectivity is lost.

Create a digital signage network spanning multiple locations. Plug a PC Stick running PowerPlayer into any TV point at any location that has a WiFi Internet. Every TV point becomes an active part of your signage network. Assign signage to TV points individually or as a group. Manage your signage network from any place using a web browser.

PowerPlayer — PC Stick Software

PowerPlayer software converts your PC stick hardware into a media player capable of displaying digital signage on any TV with HDMI input. Install PowerPlayer on a Windows 10 based PC stick with the following (or better) specifications: quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB flash memory, WiFi (or wired Ethernet), HDMI out, and Intel HD graphics.

PowerPlayer Features:

Complete digital signage client software package
Runs on low-cost, off-the-shelf Windows PC sticks
Converts PC stick into digital signage media player
Create and display digital signage using PowerPoint
Downloads and displays digital signage stored on our CMS
Supports landscape or portrait display, up to 4K UHD resolution
Supports signage content based on PowerPoint, HTML and images

PowerSignage and the Power of PowerPoint

Create your signage presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint. Start with a PowerPoint design template and add content to your layout. We support PowerPoint signage presentations with embedded fonts, video, animation, graphic images and a wide range of page transition effects.

PowerSignage also supports live web sites (HTML) and a wide variety of image formats. Use best-of-class content creation tools like Adobe Muse, PhotoShop and Illustrator to create professional digital signage. In a single signage presentation you can mix and match PowerPoint files with HTML and images.

PowerPoint for Digital Signage Key Benefits:

Create high-impact multimedia signage presentations in full HD
Low cost—most office staff already have PowerPoint installed
Ease of use, quick learning curve
Support for layouts, text, images, video & animation
Supports landscape and portrait signage display
Wide availability of free and low-cost PowerPoint digital signage templates

Digital Signage Content Creation Service

Introducing PowerSignage2Go content creation service. Use our creative graphics design team to create professional, cutting-edge digital signage presentations for your company.

To keep costs within budget, our designers draw from a extensive library of proven high impact PowerPoint digital signage templates. Our designers customize the presentation, tailoring it to match your company’s look and feel.

PowerSignage2Go uses cloud-based delivery to send finished signage presentations to your TV points. With a single mouse click we provide quick turn-around and remote digital delivery of signage content updates.

Putting It All Together

PowerSignage offers a low-cost subscription-based digital signage service. You pay a small subscription fee for each signage TV point. We provide a content management server hosted at our data center, with cloud storage for your company’s signage presentations. PowerSignage works with off-the-shelf, low-cost PC stick hardware that display PowerPoint to digital signage on your TV points.

We keep it simple: there is no PC server to purchase, setup or maintain–and none of the usual IT headaches. We make it easy to use: leverage widely available PowerPoint digital signage templates to create high impact multimedia displays.

PowerSignage is ideal for small to mid-sized organizations that need a cost-effective, worry-free digital signage solution.