Introducing PowerSignage™, a cost-effective way to present your company’s products and services using digital signage. Using high impact multimedia, digital signage is a powerful marketing tool that will increase sales and promote your brand.

Create menu boards, advertising panels, interactive kiosks and other high-impact digital displays with PowerPlayer™—our low-cost signage media player—Microsoft PowerPoint and a TV display. PowerSignage is ideal for health care, retail outlets, schools, real estate, banks, government offices, hotels and food chains—any business with walk-in customers.

Use PowerSignage2Go, our digital signage content creation service, to create affordable, professional signage presentations.

PowerSignage features:

PowerPlayer—low-cost signage media player
PowerServer CMS—digital signage content management service
Hosted cloud-based solution available—no PC server required
Create digital signage presentations using Microsoft® PowerPoint®
Create, upload and manage digital signage presentations with CMS
Create signage display schedules
Supports digital signage at multiple locations
Remote PowerPlayer management
PowerSignage2Go—outsourced digital signage content creation


PowerSignage is a complete low-cost digital signage solution targeting small-to-mid-sized organizations. PowerSignage is composed of two product components:
PowerServer CMS™: Enterprise-grade signage content management servicePowerPlayer™: Low-cost, high performance signage media player
A PowerSignage product rollout consists of a PowerServer CMS backend—PC or cloud-based—and a PowerPlayer device for each signage TV point.

PowerServer CMS Provides Content Management

Use PowerServer CMS to upload, store and manage signage presentations, create schedules and remotely manage players. PowerServer CMS is available in two product configurations: as a cloud-based solution or bundled with our PowerServer PC product.

In the cloud each PowerServer CMS runs on its own virtual private server (VPS) with 20GB storage at our secure data center. There is no PC to purchase, setup or maintain. You only pay a VPS hosting fee, starting as low as $12.95 per month.

PowerPlayer Transforms Any TV Into Digital Signage

PowerPlayer is a pocket-sized PC-on-a-stick that plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI port. PowerPlayer automatically downloads and displays signage presentations from the PowerServer CMS on your TV.

PowerPlayer supports PowerPoint presentations, HTML (live web pages) and image files. Downloaded presentations are stored in its local flash memory, allowing PowerPlayer to operate properly if connectivity is lost.

PowerSignage allows you to create a signage network spanning multiple locations. Plug in PowerPlayer devices on TV points at any location that has WiFi. Every TV point with a PowerPlayer becomes an active part of your signage network. Assign presentations to PowerPlayers individually or as a group. Manage your signage network from any place using a web browser.

Taking Advantage of the Cloud

The cloud represents the next generation Internet. The cloud offers much lower operating costs, freedom from IT headaches and on-demand scalability. PowerSignage was designed cloud-ready. Each customer has the option of running PowerServer CMS on their own virtual private server (VPS) in the cloud.

Cloud-ready means we manage everything for you. There is no PC server to purchase, setup and maintain. What about reliability? Each customer’s VPS is hosted at a class III ultra-secure data center, with generator power backup, fire supression and multiple high-speed Internet providers. We back our PowerServer CMS cloud edition with an unconditional a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Digital signage presentations are downloaded from the VPS and stored locally in the PowerPlayer’s flash memory. If connectivity to the cloud is lost your PowerPlayer will display the last downloaded signage presentation. Once connectivity is restored the PowerPlayer automatically resumes standard operation.

For those customers who need a locally managed, dedicated solution we offer PowerServer PC, with the PowerServer CMS software preinstalled.

PowerPlayer and the Power of PowerPoint

PowerPlayer is our low-cost digital signage media player. It is a pocket-sized PC-on-a-stick that plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI port. Signage presentations are downloaded from the PowerServer CMS and stored on local flash storage. PowerPlayer is capable of displaying PowerPoint signage presentation files in stunning 1080p high definition.

PowerPlayer features:

Converts TV into digital signage display
Low cost, pocket-sized PC stick
Plugs into your TV’s HDMI port
Create signage using PowerPoint
Supports full HD landscape or portrait
32GB flash memory and integrated WiFi
Windows 10 and PowerPoint included
Displays PowerPoint, HTML5 web pages and images files

With PowerPlayer you create high-impact multimedia signage displays using Microsoft PowerPoint.  PowerPoint is an ideal, low-cost way to create digital signage content.

PowerPoint for Digital Signage Key Benefits:

Create high-impact multimedia signage presentations in full HD
Low cost—most office staff already have PowerPoint installed
Ease of use, quick learning curve
Support for layouts, text, images, video & animation
Supports landscape and portrait signage display
Wide availability of free and low-cost professional design templates

Start with a professional PowerPoint design template, add your content and upload your finished PowerPoint signage presentation to the PowerServer CMS.

PowerPlayer also supports external web sites (HTML) and a wide variety of image formats. Use authoring tools like Adobe Muse, PhotoShop and Illustrator to create professional web and image pages for signage. Your digital signage presentation can be a mix of PowerPoint presentations, image files and external websites.

PowerServer PC

For organizations that prefer to manage digital signage we offer PowerServer PC. PowerServer PC is a stand-alone—offline—version of the standard cloud-based PowerServer CMS. It is packaged as a small form-factor PC that is installed on your local area network (LAN).

PowerServer PC features:

Powerful Intel quad core CPU
1TB HDD storage
1 Gigabit Ethernet port
PowerServer CMS software preinstalled
Simple installation & configuration

PowerServer PC supports all of the standard cloud-based PowerServer CMS product features and is 100% compatible with PowerPlayer.

Our Digital Signage Content Creation Service

We’d like to introduce you to our PowerSignage2Go service. With PowerSignage2Go you gain access to our creative graphics design team and digital marketing experts. We create professional, cutting-edge digital signage presentations for your company.

To keep service costs within budget, our designers draw from a extensive library of proven high impact PowerPoint templates. Starting from these templates our designers customize the presentation’s look, feel and message for your company.

PowerSignage2Go uses cloud based technology to send a finished signage presentation to the PowerPlayer (TV point) located at your business. With a single mouse click we provide quick turn-around and onsite digital delivery of signage content updates.

Putting It All Together

PowerSignage offers a hosted subscription-based service. We provide a complete, fully managed digital signage solution—starting as low as $12.95 per month. For this price you get your own virtual private server hosted at our data center and 20GB storage for your company’s signage presentations. Purchase a low-priced PowerPlayer for each TV point and you’re ready to go! We also offer PowerServer PC, our offline hardware version for customers who want to manage their digital signage.

PowerSignage is ideal for small-to-mid-sized organizations looking for a cost-effective, worry-free digital signage solution